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Terms & Conditions

The is privately owned website. The website holds exclusive rights to alter or amend these Terms and Conditions, without any prior notice. Any amendments in the Terms and Conditions,  however, will be displayed immediately on: the website. Your use of the website following the posting of any amendments shall constitute your acceptance of the amended Terms and Conditions. In case there are any contradictions between what the English language version of the 'Terms and Condition' say and what a translation says, then the English language version shall take precedence. Every user has to agree or follow all the Terms and Conditions to become a member of quiz and has to bind with each and every decision of  the owner. Your registration with our website and participation in the quiz is considered as your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. If any member is not aware with the rules and regulations of our website, he/she will be deemed as disqualified. In any case, the website shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions in the terms and conditions contained herein.
REPRESENTATIONS CONCERNING AGE AND JURISDICTION: Only the LEGALLY ADULT individuals can use our website. It is compulsory to submit an age proof to ensure that you legally adult or above 18 years of age at the time of registration and/or winning with If you are in any jurisdiction that restricts the use of internet-based applications according to age, or which restricts the ability to enter into agreements such as this Terms & Condition according to age and you are under such age limit, you cannot enter into this Terms & Condition.

Membership conditions: While registering as a member, all the personal information provided by you on the website should be accurate and up to date. If you enter any fake information, you are liable to be disqualified once your misrepresentation is detected and proved. Moreover, you will have to represent any of your warrant that shows that you have not been accused by any criminal case as this case person is strictly not allowed to buy goods/service or enter the quiz. Further, your registration as a member with shall be deemed to be your acceptance to receive promotional messages from or any third party so authorized by it.


TERMS OF SALE OF VOUCHERS (or Coupons) AT LOOT100.COM: connects you with some Merchants who offer you promotional vouchers (Vouchers) that are meant for purchasing products and services at a discounted price. You must acknowledge that all such Vouchers provided through and its Microsites are subject to the terms and conditions stated below. When you place an order to buy any Merchant Voucher, you are liable to be bound by the following terms and conditions along with some other terms stated in the Privacy Policy. As a pre-requisite condition, you must have an account with the Site whenever you want to purchase a Voucher from any of our Merchant. Such an account not only facilitates your access to placement and printing of orders but also helps us keep a record of your earlier purchases, change your inclinations and to make sure that the Voucher fulfills its purpose.

The guarantee of a Voucher’s exchange value is completely and solely lies to the Merchant from whom you purchase it. just acts as a link between you and the Merchant and thus that particular Merchant is solely liable for redemption of any Voucher/s. Following conditions apply on the sale of vouchers/coupons at

  1. The redemption of a Merchant Voucher shall be limited only to merchandise and shall not include handling and shipping charges, unless otherwise stated.
  2. One Voucher can be used only for one order, unless otherwise specified by Merchant. Limit 1 (one) Voucher per redemption.
  3. The Merchant may or may not issue credit as per his discretion, unless otherwise required by law.
  4. Neither Merchant nor shall be accountable for any stolen Voucher or its reference number.
  5. You cannot combine one Voucher with the other vouchers, coupons, third party certificates or promotions unless stated and permitted by Merchant.
  6. Unless done in compliance with law, sale or reproduction of this Voucher is strictly prohibited.
  7. Any attempt to redeem this Voucher will be considered void if it is not in line with these terms and conditions. The Voucher used in such an attempt will also be rendered as null and void.
  8. You can claim refund within 7 days of the purchase of the vouchers only if you have not printed/viewed them online and you have must not used any part of your bonus points for the online quizzes. By printing the voucher and/or using the bonus points for entering the quizzes you will release your rights of refund. If, however, merchant denies you the benefit of the voucher then we will work with you to get you the other equal valued vouchers for free and also will raise the issues with the merchant to avoid such issues in future.
  9. The bonus points does not hold any monetary value and cannot be exchange for the cash.
  10. Void as restricted by law.

Participation in Quizzes: Users should participate on their own will, once they agree with all the terms and conditions with due honesty. He or she must not enter due to any compulsion or under pressure. Members must also understand that they will be entitled to participate in any loot100 contests only if they complete the requisite question and answer it correctly.

How to become a member & enter quizzes: To use the website you will have to register with us, by filling up a form available at our website.   You must enter a valid email id and contact number for the verification purpose. Every user, using must have only one account against his email Id and contact number.  Members are advised that only the single, registered member should enter the quiz himself/herself and no one else should participate on his/her behalf. To know more, you must go to and collect complete information about Membership and FAQs through various links on the homepage of our site. Any person who is in contact with the creation and management of the site and even his/her family members are strictly ineligible to enter the quizzes. To participate, members can use their bonus points to enter the contests. Some contests are sponsored they may not need any points to enter. Users can participate in the quizzes according to their convenience. Points will be deducted according to the particular contest users enter. The following clause will apply to all visitors/users:

Free Gifts: endeavours in making maximum saving and fun for its users. Simply buy coupons to save money and earn discounts. Not only that, with every purchase earn bonus points to get FREE gifts. To get free gift simply use your accumulated bonus points and request your freebie and we will order it for you and get it shipped directly at your address. Following conditions apply on free gifts at

  1. The website does not provide free gifts by itself. It orders them online as per your request.
  2. You agree that the website, owner and its employees shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any sort incurred as result of any such gifts.
  3. The website and its employees are not responsible for any guarantee or warranty of the free gift(s) requested at
  4. The image is used for representational purposes only and the freebies may differ from what is shown on website.
  5. If the requested gift/freebie is not available then we will try to provide you the next best alternative of same value.

Refund Policy: collects payments only for the selling coupons/vouchers online and bonus points  for contests/freebies are complementary based on the purchases users make. Refunds only be awarded to the users if merchant do not agree to provide the promised services/goods mentioned in the coupons/vouchers and users have not use their bonus points for the particular contests. For requesting a refund, users must send their request via email along with the related details maximum within 15 days of purchase and must not use their bonus points for the contests or freebies. It must be noted that users shall be aware about the availability of services and products for the respective coupons.


Rights: reserves the right to stop the quizzes at any time on at per its discretion and before or prior to the period indicated on the website or its marketing communications, and without any prior notice given to any member for whatsoever reason it may be.
Further, website will not responsible for any issue related to quiz  participated on our website. Any query on any question and its answers will not be accepted by the owner/website. Any chance of any fault, misunderstanding or dispute concerning any part of the participation, declaration of the winners of the quizes, the operation of the services, correctness or incorrectness of questions and answers  and/or the validity of any question or answer options, the decision of the website shall be final and binding on all the members. Further, the website is allowed  to take decisions against any matter which  may or may not be mentioned in the concerned Terms and Conditions.

  • Early Termination or Extension of Winner Declaration date: may change the declaration dates for any contest based on the number of participants. We may conduct a declaration before the due date if we receive the maximum number of participations or may delay it until we get the minimum entries. You may refer to the ‘No. of Participations Bar’ to know the latest number of participants for a particular contest.
  • Termination or Amendments of Contests With Low Particiation : may change the declaration dates for any contest based on the number of participants. Thus, if some contests are not able to meet their required minimum number of participants even after a long wait then reserves the right to change the prize options and declare the winner. It is up to discretion to decide the new options and value of the prize to be changed in such circumstances. If you do not agree with such terms then please do not participate in our contests and leave our website immidiately.

Payment Mode: To purchase coupons/goods payments can be made through the following methods :

  • Net Banking.
  • Debit Cards
  • Cash Cards
  • Mobile Payments







Claiming Prize: The particiapated members will be required to provide an 'authentic proof' of their registered identity details along with the proof of their 'age' and 'address' to claim their Loot100 prize.

We inform every winner via Email and also display their names in the winners list at This Email is sent at the registered Email-Id of the contestant immediately after the winner is declared.
The winner must reply to the Email for claiming the reward within 15 days of the announcement.

The winner also needs to submit scanned copies of the following documents to within 15 days:

  •  A valid PAN card.
  •  A government Photo ID for age Proof – DL, Passport, Voter ID etc.


If the chosen winner fails to claim the prize or doesn’t provide the required copies of documents within the specified period, we shall not be liable for providing any benefits to him/her.

It is totally upon the discretion of the to decide about the distribution of prize after the expiration of 15 days duration.

Important - As according to our Indian Government tax laws, a TDS or Tax Deducted at Source, which is mandatory, will be charged from the winner at the rate of 30%. The entire charged TDS will be delivered to the Indian Government as tax paid in advance on behalf of the winning user. has the right to follow the Government rules and regulations at any time. The prize will be delivered to and in the name of winning member only. Winner must have a PAN card issued by Indian government to claim the prize.


Shipping of Prize to the Winners:


  • will provide free shipping for the items of up to Rs. 5000 INR via regular courier service provider.
  • However, for the valuable items like IPad, Hi-tech Mobiles etc., we prefer to send prizes via premium courier carriers like DHL, Blue Dart, or FEDEX. Here, the winner will have to pay the shipping expenses in advance. Otherwise, item will be delivered at winner's risk.
  • Items like CAR, Scooter, Bike cannot be shipped conveniently. Thus, the winner must come to Delhi for collecting such winnings.


Termination: These ‘Terms and Conditions’ will not change until either the website or its onwer terminates them. If you want to terminate your membership and relationship with, you can do so by informing us at the contact details given under the link Contact Us. Only written and email form of notice will be accepted.  Any verbal notice will not be accepted in any manner.

Without prior notice, one can be terminated  of his membership and user account on has these rights to terminate and it is in websites’s sole discretion. Cases due to which membership shall be terminated from

  • Violation of the 'Terms and Conditions' or other incorporated agreements.
  • Having more than one user accounts of a single person.  
  • False representation of personal and identity information.
  • Registering  with false and fake information.
  • Services provided by the are in extension but is no longer profitable in the opinion of the website’s owner. 





Furthermore, reserves the right to, at anytime, modify the rules and contents of contests  on Loot100 without any notice.
Force Majeure: Any activity of the website like delivery of coupons or goods, participation of quizzes or announcement of any winner may be postpone or referred ahead if any obstacles like website’s personal situation, happening of any unnatural and unusual event or an event of any force majeure occurs.  In such a situation, website will try to take the best possible decisions at that time.

Limitations of Website And Owner:  In  any manner, website and owner’s are not responsible for any damage or loss of the lost opportunity, any technical interruption and any other related problems, which is beyond the our controls. Losing or stealing of cheques or prizes while sending to the winning users and any loss or damage caused to the member due to any interruption from printing, typological or technical errors in anything related to the quiz will be beyond our control. LOOT100.COM DO NOT REPRESENT OR WARRANT TO YOU THAT YOUR USE OF THE LOOT100.COM SERVICES WILL MEET ALL YOUR REQUIREMENTS AND EXPECTATIONS, AND THAT YOUR USE OF THE SERVICE OF THIS WEBSITE WILL BE UNINTERRUPTED, TIMELY, SECURE OR FREE FROM ERRORS.

Loot100 shall in no manner be responsible for any physical or mental injury caused to any person attached to the website.

Indemnity: and its management is not responsible for any clashes, problems, claims, resulting  out of some miss-happening, misunderstanding or any other issue related to the Terms and Conditions while participating in the quizzes. Cooperation of the members should be in favour of the site for any claim. reserves the right, at its own will, to control any material subject to indemnification by the member or assume the exclusive defense.

Third Party Websites: does not provide any warranties about the accuracy of the content of this website or any other website to which you may gain access through our website or through which you may have gained access to our website. The inclusion of any link on does not mean that website and its owners endorsing any of the linked sites or site’s content, or associate with their operators.


  • Mobile Recharge and Bill Payments: This facility is being provided by in collaboration with Thus all the customer support and terms for such transactions are provided by cannot be held liable for any support or claims for such transactions. Please visit the following links for the details applied to such transactions:


    • Terms & Conditions:
    • Refund Policy:
    • Privacy Policy:
    • Fraud Policy:
    • Contact


Website Content and Data Safety Violation: Any service of the website will not be accessed by any member by any means other than through the interface that is provided by Members are deemed to agree not to perform any activity that results in any disruption of the services of our site (including the networks and servers that are connected to the services).
The members are further supposed to agree to not use any automated means with any service that may affect the standing position of the site. If any member or non-member is found to be involved in any activity that might have an effect on the website, has the rights to take legal steps against that person.
As a member of, you specifically agree not to use this website or its service for:


  • Exposing your password and any secret information of yours with the website. It may be risky for the security of your membership account.
  • Involving in any illegal and unlawful acts or any activity that is dangerous for the security of the networks, contents, good functioning, servers, or any infrastructure of
  • Allocating other’s personal information like account passwords, personal profile information and all. Placing   other people’s susceptive papers and identity documents is also offensive.
  • Using our services for phishing scams or driving traffic from our website to porn, unlawful or illegal sites, including sites containing sexually explicit matter.
  • Uploading a profile picture that has disturbing or offensive content.
  • Facilitating gambling, online or otherwise, including lotteries or betting.
  • Using of website keeping nasty thinking in mind.
  • Performing any act that results in malfunctioning of the website.
  • takes all the required measures to safeguard the purchase data, quiz related data and registered information against any corruption and loss, but if such loss occurs in an/any event, because of restricted time period within which the quizzes are entered and winners are announced, themanagement will have to carry on or take decisions according to the available data only.

Legal Effect: If there is any annulled or unlawful phrase in these Terms and Conditions for any reason then steps will be taken against them but remaining phrases would remain unaffected.

Intellectual Property and Copyright Notice: Copyright © 2012,, All rights reserved.
All the material included in this website is solely belongs to As such, it cannot be misused in any way like reproduction, distribution, copying, transmission, modification, and republishing the contents of this website. By accessing this website, you and any third party is not titled to any transfer of any intellectual property rights. Rather, all rights, interest and titles in and to all aspects of site solely belong to and its owner(s).
Regarding Copyrights and Trademarks:, its trademarks, designs, and logos are registered. You are not supposed to spread any information of and owner in any public medium like press, newspaper etc.  Trademark can also not be used for any purposes, which are not in favour of the owner and not even for advertising or promoting any other third party. and its officers, directors, employees, subsidiaries or affiliates shall not be liable under any circumstance to any third party or members for any special, incidental,  indirect, consequential or punitive damages unless due to gross negligence. The members purchasing goods/services or entering the contests cannot file any civil proceedings or criminal specifically in any court or through any third party against and its employees, directors, officers, subsidiaries or affiliates claiming any damages connected to the purchased goods/services or in relation to the quizzes.

Arbitration: Laws of India govern these 'Terms and Conditions' excluding its conflict-of-laws principles. If the dispute does not resolve within 30 days after arising then the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, including any rules, will be followed and the decision announced by the arbitral tribunal will be final and binding on all the parties.

With the help of a common agreement, one arbitrator will be appointed. After that, a group of three arbitrators will be formed by each party. If parties cannot reach an agreement through a single arbitrator, two arbitrators will choose the third one. The arbitration will be conducted in English or Hindi in New Delhi, India. Any party has the rights to appeal for any judicial relief in any court having jurisdiction against their rights until dispute is resolved.

These ‘Terms and Conditions’ include a set of remedies and limitations, which are subject to an order of injunctive or equitable relief passed by the arbitral tribunal. The existence of any arbitral proceedings and information disclosed in the course of proceedings will be considered as ‘confidential information’ However, the parties involved hold the right to disclose such information under confidentiality restrictions to the appropriate Court.  

Jurisdiction: Laws in Force in the State of Delhi, India governs these Terms and Conditions and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Delhi, India will submit them under their control.